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Annotated Bibliography: Response Rates for Surveys of Sexual Assault Victims

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Obtaining feedback from victims about victim services is essential for refining service delivery and ensuring that services are victim-centered and meet victims’ needs. However, recruiting victims to obtain their feedback for service evaluation purposes is labor-intensive, and often difficult work (Crandall & Helitzer 2003; Koss, White & Lopez 2017; Weist et al. 2007). Sexual assault victims are considered a “hard to find” (or, “hard to reach”) research population, due in part the sensitive and traumatic nature of their victimization experiences (Campbell et al 2008).

This annotated bibliography collects research about the typical response rates for victim service client satisfaction surveys and similar surveys. Also discussed is how anonymous versus confidential surveys may impact response rates. This bibliography focused on evaluations of community-based victim services in the United States. Articles were mostly published between 2000 to 2017. Contact the CVR Research Librarian for assistance locating additional articles and for accessing full-text.

CVR staff thank principal authors Sara Bastomski, PhD, & Janine Zweig, PhD, for their work developing this annotated bibliography.


For the complete report with article links, download the full annotated bibliography:

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