Spotlight / Spring 2024

National Youth Violence Prevention Week / March 19-23


Are students safer at school or away from school? See this data visualization from OJJDP.
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Devin Avery

Research indicates the cost of youth violence in the U.S. in 2022 was approximately $122 billion. Learn more.

Child Abuse Prevention Month / April


Check out the latest data trends in child maltreatment, nationwide and by state.
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child abuse and neglect journal cover

What do we know about victimization and abuse of children with disabilities? This study examines national survey data.

National Sexual Assault Awareness Month / April


A study analyzing police report narratives in rape cases looked at how indications of officer attitudes can affect case decisions.
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paul bill

How can restorative justice be used in sexual violence cases? A UK report looks at the literature and presents survey responses of stakeholders who had received briefings on the topic.

National Crime Victims Rights Week / April 21-27

scales of justice

An analysis of victim impact statements from the case against Larry Nassar looked at the variations in content and delivery, showing the individual nature of the harms and the value of VIS.
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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month / May


How do Asian students on three California college campuses perceive sexual violence and sexual harassment? Read the interview findings.

journal of family violence

The issue of transnational abandonment can affect abused South Asian women in the United States. See this summary.

Missing and Murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives Awareness Day / May 5

congressional research service

This 2023 report to Congress summarizes recent research, addresses data collection issues, and sets out policy proposals regarding missing and murdered indigenous persons. Learn more.

Bloody print of a hand and fingers on white wall

A recent survey found that missing and murdered women was the top issue for Native American communities. Read this commentary summarizing the survey.