Spotlight / Winter 2019

International Day of Disabled Persons / December 3rd


Learn about the prevalence of disability among women on probation and parole who have experienced interpersonal victimization and the need for trauma-informed care (full-text in CVR’s library).

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Examine the relationship between abuse and psychological and physical health outcomes in adults with developmental disabilities. Contact CVR Librarian about full-text access.

03. Vera

Explore ways to prevent sexual abuse of children with disabilities and increase access to adequate and appropriate services for victims.

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Read about risk factors for victimization among college students with no disability, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, and learning disabilities (full-text in CVR’s library).

National Stalking Awareness Month / January


Check out this stalking fact sheet summarizing the prevalence of stalking and its impact on victims.

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Review correlates of police responses to stalking based on data from the National Crime Victimization Survey.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day / January 11th

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Understand how local law enforcement agencies classify human trafficking cases identified through their internal records and external crime reporting programs in three United States communities.

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Check out this screening tool designed to identify labor and/or sex trafficking among homeless young adults.

09. CSEC

Read about specialized services for trafficked youth within residential placement settings and watch CVR’s webinar sharing key components and recommendations for practice and research.

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Learn how Ohio tackles the complex problem of estimating the prevalence of human trafficking.

Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week / January 29th – February 2nd

11. ITRC

See the latest version of the Identity Theft Resource Center’s Aftermath studies for a summary of the non-economic impact of identity theft on its victims.

12. FIT

Explore this summary of existing research and practice evidence on fraud and identity theft that identifies what is known and where the field needs to grow.

National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month / February

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Read this evaluation looking at the effectiveness of a bystander-focused, classroom delivered

curriculum designed to reduce rates of interpersonal violence among high school students.

16. TDV

Examine findings from a study comparing two programs implemented in middle school designed to reduce teen dating violence and promote positive relationship behaviors.

African American History Month / February

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Explore correlates of cyberbullying victimization and perpetration among a sample of 2560 African American youths. Contact CVR Librarian about full-text access.

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Check out findings from a study assessing the impact of a pilot intervention for African American family members of homicide victims focused on complicated grief (full-text in CVR’s library).