Spotlight / Winter Spotlight 2021-2022

National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month / December

Person putting hand over wine glass to stop pouring

Does prison deter drunk-drivers? Learn more about Driving Under the Influence (DUI) re-offending over time after prison from this study in New South Wales.


Review this summary of U.S. state laws about DUI convictions and people’s access to firearms.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities / December 3rd


Read an analysis of National Crime Victimization Survey data about people with disabilities’ health outcomes after experiencing violent victimization. (Contact the Research Librarian for full-text access.)


Watch this National Resource Center for Reaching Victims webinar for VOCA administrators about improving the response to victims with disabilities, including incorporating the voices of those with disabilities into needs assessments.

National Stalking Awareness Month / January


Understand more about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact from interviews with service providers and stalking survivors.


Read this systematic review about cyberstalking’s impact on survivors’ mental health.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day / January 11th


Learn about how teen victims’ friends are involved in their trafficking. (Contact the Research Librarian for full-text.)


What helps victims leave sex trafficking? Check out this literature review about facilitators, factors that enable exiting.


African American History Month / February


Learn about evidence for the importance of gender-specific and culturally affirming mental health services for Black girls.


Watch this webinar from the Transform Research Center on mechanisms for thriving and healing for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color dealing with victimization and trauma.


Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month / February

Nov Evidence Hour blog image

Explore how bullying is related to teen dating violence and how school-based prevention programs can reduce both.