Spotlight / Spring Spotlight 2022

COVID-19 & Interpersonal Violence / March - Two Years of U.S. Pandemic Response


Have violence levels increased during the pandemic? Review the Center for Global Development’s four research roundups of studies on violence against women and children during COVID-19.

April Evidence Hou blog image

Learn from this Evidence Hour webinar and related resources about domestic violence survivors’ needs and their approaches to staying safe during pandemic lockdowns and reduced services.


Check out the natural disaster response literature for ideas on strengthening local collaborations to reduce family violence and save lives.


What makes communities resilient to external shocks?” Consider how violence prevention and restorative justice nonprofits in the Midwest stayed in touch with clients and provided services during the pandemic.


Read about the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic and during previous health crises and how racism perpetuates inequality.


How has COVID-19 impacted advocacy groups serving Asian American Pacific Islanders? Tune into this webinar from the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-based Violence about their listening sessions, surveys, and assessments of the field.

National Consumer Protection Week / March 6th – 12th


Review this survey’s findings about COVID-19 fraud types and how these scams impact victims.


Who do victims tell about their experiences of mass market consumer fraud? Find out in this analysis of Federal Trade Commission data.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month / April


What factors do detectives consider in sexual assault cases? Read interview results from the Los Angeles Sexual Assault Study.

Feb Evidence Hour blog image

Social reactions to sexual assault disclosure can have a big impact on survivors. Watch our Evidence Hour to understand the relationship between victims’ outcomes and loved ones’ responses when survivors share their stories.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month / April

parent skills

Read this evaluation of a parenting skills program in Sweden, Safer Kids, which aims to prevent further child abuse.


Learn how gender stereotypes affect response to victims of child sexual exploitation and how agencies can become more gender-inclusive.


What barriers do parents see in preventing child sexual abuse? Find out from these focus groups across the United States.

March Evidence Hour Follow up

How are housing stress and child maltreatment related? Check out our Evidence Hour and related resources to support families.

National Crime Victims Rights Week / April 24–30

Legal Services draft

Check out the Justice Research and Statistics Association’s research project with legal clinics to create conceptual framework of the ultimate goals of victim legal services field and what success looks like in enforcing victims rights.

National Youth Violence Prevention Week / April 25-29


“What Works in Violence Prevention Among Young People?” Read this open access Systematic Review of Reviews of 40 studies published between 1998-2018.


Catch up with the Native Youth Town Halls report on teens’ views of safety and resilience and how they want to contribute to creating a safe environment.

National Mental Health Awareness Month / May


What factors contribute to the stigma around mental disorders among law enforcement? Read this Canadian study to learn what some officers said prevent them from using available treatment.


Learn more about vicarious trauma that advocates can experience when supporting survivors of sexual assault and what can help advocates cope and find meaning.