Spotlight / Winter 2020

International Day of Disabled Persons / December 3rd

Children participating in creative activities while learning sci

Review findings from this nationally representative study using 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health data. Children with disabilities who engage in extracurricular activities were shown to have a lower likelihood of bullying victimization.

2 Children and Youth Services Review

Explore patterns of help-seeking, and the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and intimate partner victimization among college students with disabilities (contact CVR Librarian about full-text access).

3 vawa-cover

Understand how domestic and family violence services can be made  accessible to women with disabilities (contact CVR Librarian about full-text access).

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Learn about the prevalence of abuse against people with disabilities and potential responses, including how to support victims and their families.

National Stalking Awareness Month / January

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Check out this study that assessed the prevalence of sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence in U.S. adults of different sexual orientations. (contact CVR Librarian about full-text access).

6 .american college health

Read about a study that examined the prevalence and sociodemographic factors associated with stalking victimization among college students (contact CVR Librarian about full-text access).

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day / January 11th


Watch this CVR webinar from earlier this year on Measuring Outcomes in Services for Human Trafficking Survivors.

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Review findings from the first study to examine police responses to labor trafficking from the perspectives of police, service providers, and victims.

African American History Month / February

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Check out this blog describing how investing in resources that support Black Americans’ mental health, education, economic stability, and housing opportunities can reduce crime and victimization.


Read about a researcher-practitioner partnership exploring the intersection of the healthcare and criminal justice systems among violently injured young Black men and check out the project website.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month / February


Examine this report that uses Youth Risk Behavior Survey data to assess physical and sexual dating violence among U.S. high school students.


Learn about the effectiveness of a comprehensive teen dating violence prevention program in reducing delinquency-related risk behaviors.

opportunities for teen dating violence

Review this study comparing high school–based relationship education program approaches for offering youth the chance to share their experiences and connect to services.

cdc teen dating violence factsheet

Check out this fact sheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention focused on preventing teen dating violence.