Spotlight / Spring and Summer 2021

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month / May

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Review the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-based Violence’s model of culturally-specific victim advocacy and resources on community-based participatory research.

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Read recent survey results about Asian Americans’ experiences with discrimination and fears about increased threats and victimization.

Pew Research Center

Trauma Awareness Month / May

Safety & Health at Work

Consider how factors like direct service hours worked, organizational trainings, and emotional support interact with the development of secondary traumatic stress in a nationwide survey of victim advocates.


Follow a brief history of victim services for domestic violence and how programs can incorporate more survivor input for intersectional, trauma-informed services.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month / June

sexuality & culture journal

Learn about the experiences of people in queer communities in Portland and their conceptions of collective trauma. [Contact the CVR Librarian for full text.]


Tune into Casa de Esperanza’s conversation about poly-victimization in rural LGBTQ communities and building more inclusive spaces.

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Explore findings from the Victim Rights Law Center’s focus groups and listening sessions about reaching more LGBTQ+ survivors and improving access to services.

The Gender Spectrum Collection

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Listen to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s podcast episode with FORGE about how sexual assault impacts transgender men.

The Gender Spectrum Collection

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day / June 15th


Check out the National Center on Elder Abuse’s new cultural issues fact sheets for working with older adults from diverse communities.

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Read this systematic review to prepare for CVR’s June Evidence Hour: Do interventions to prevent or stop abuse and neglect among older adults work? [Contact the CVR Librarian for full-text access.]

Bereaved Parents Awareness Month / July

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Explore homicide co-victims’ accounts of secondary victimization with the court system. [Contact the CVR Librarian for full-text.]

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Read about families’ perceptions of law enforcement and their handling of cold case homicide cases. [Contact the CVR Librarian for full text.]

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Review research on alternative interventions to reduce firearm homicides that do not depend on gun laws or police.

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Consider ways that people who have lost a loved one to homicide make sense of their experiences. [Contact the CVR Librarian for full-text access]

National Back to School Month / August

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Read about barriers to helping child abuse victims during the COVID-19 pandemic and innovative strategies to address those barriers from child advocacy professionals.

GLSEN report

Focus on how LGBTQ+ Asian American and Pacific Islander students have experienced discrimination and victimization in school and how they cope.