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Annotated Bibliography: Human Trafficking Victims with Disabilities or Mental Illness


According to several global reports, people with disabilities or mental illness are more likely to be targeted by traffickers than people without disabilities or mental illness. However, collecting data on trafficking victims is challenging and there is not yet a global or U.S. estimate for how many trafficking victims have disabilities or mental illness. This annotated bibliography gathers research on trafficking victims with disabilities or mental illness and includes individual studies, journalistic reports, and legal cases. Non-English publications and medical case reports are excluded.


Searches were conducted in English in CVR Library collection, Google Scholar, Google Books, PubMed, NCJRS, and United Nations and U.S. State Department websites. Most papers were published between 2012 and 2018 and are organized by topic. Reports from the same authors or organizations are grouped together and described in a single paragraph. Contact the CVR Research Librarian for assistance locating full text or additional articles.

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  • Trafficking: exploitation, forced labor, modern slavery, servitude, prostitution
  • Disabilities: impaired, disabled
  • Mental illness: disorder, depression, anxiety, bipolar, psychotic, schizophrenia
  • Prevalence: risk, vulnerability, target, frequency

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