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Supercharge Your Search in CVR Library

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The Center for Victim Research Library allows you to search in your own own words and find relevant research-based materials quickly. Want to find even more? Supercharge your search with these tips:

Place these search operators between your terms to focus your search results.

AND: all of these terms. Example: victimization AND trauma

OR: any of these terms. Example: programs OR services OR interventions

NOT: exclude this term. Example: survivor NOT earthquake

Parentheses: combine operators. Example: trafficking AND (shelters OR housing)


Use these special characters to focus or broaden your search.

Quotation marks: exact phrase. Example: “victim services”
Asterisk: word variations. Example: assist* finds assisted, assistance, assists

Download these tips to keep by your computer, and contact the CVR Research Librarian to work on a search together!

Download PDF

Video Tutorial

Watch this tutorial for a quick tour of the features of the CVR Library:

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