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Annotated Bibliography: The Impact of Restorative Justice Practices

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Restorative justice practices offer an addition, or in some cases an alternative, to the traditional retributive justice system. Rather than focusing on punishment, restorative justice focuses on repairing the harm by engaging victims, offenders and their families, other citizens, and/or community groups in the process. Victims who participate in restorative justice typically express higher levels of satisfaction than those whose cases are handled in the traditional justice system. This annotated bibliography gathers research on the impact of restorative justice practices on victims, among other outcomes.


Searches were conducted in English in the CVR Library collection, Google Scholar, and the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Most papers were published between 2009 and 2019, and this bibliography includes meta-analyses, journal articles, and program evaluations. Articles are sorted first by year and then by author. The research articles in this bibliography focus primarily on victim-offender mediation, victim-offender dialogue, and restorative justice conferencing. Contact the CVR Research Librarian for assistance locating full text or additional articles.

CVR staff thank Bailey Maryfield for her work compiling and summarizing the research in this bibliography.

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  • Restorative Justice: victim-offender mediation, victim-offender dialogue, restorative justice conferencing, family group conferencing, community reparative boards, reparative boards, victim impact panels, victim impact training, peacemaking circles, circle sentencing, apology banks
  • Recidivism: reoffending, repeat offending, rearrest, reconviction, recidivist, subsequent delinquent behavior
  • Victim Outcomes: satisfaction with the process, material restoration, emotional restoration

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