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Tonya Elaine Edmond





Washington University in St. Louis


Professor & Associate Dean



social work


More than 20 years


Dr. Edmond, a faculty affiliate with the Center for Violence and Injury Prevention, focuses her research on violence against women with a specific interest in testing trauma focused interventions for survivors of sexual violence. She is committed to strengthening services for survivors through research and teaching to advance the development of trauma informed systems of care and the implementation of evidence based trauma treatments. Dr. Edmond has been the Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator and team member of several intervention studies to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments for survivors of intimate partner violence, rape and childhood sexual abuse including: an RCT to evaluate the effectiveness of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in reducing trauma symptoms among adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse; an RCT study of the effectiveness of a spiritually focused group intervention with older trauma survivors, based on the evidence based Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM), and an RCT investigating the effectiveness of a trauma focused cognitive behavioral group intervention with adolescent girls who have experienced maltreatment. Each of these studies were conducted in community settings in collaboration with organizations serving trauma survivors. She is currently the Principle-Investigator of a DOJ funded study testing the effectiveness of a learning collaborative as an implementation strategy to enhance the uptake of Cognitive Processing Therapy in rape crisis centers. She has also conducted state and national level surveys of practitioners in domestic violence and rape crisis centers to identify practice preferences and to assess utilization of evidence based trauma treatments. Additionally, she has conducted qualitative research through individual interviews and focus groups with service providers and potential service recipients to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences with and preferences for trauma treatments in agencies addressing violence against women and those involved in the criminal justice system. This is augmented by 15 years of experience working in both clinical and administrative roles in domestic violence and rape crisis centers. She has extensive experience in academic leadership as the former Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (5 years), current Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion & Equity (4 years), and Faculty Fellow in the Office of the Provost (5 years). Dr. Edmond has 20 years of experience in mentoring doctoral students, postdoctoral trainees, and junior faculty in research related to sexual violence, intimate partner violence and child maltreatment. Additionally, she is a faculty affiliate with the Dissemination and Implementation Research Core, the Center for Mental Health Services Research, and the Washington University Network for Dissemination and Implementation Research.


Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse, Dating Violence (Teen), Domestic and Family Violence, Sexual Abuse or Violence (other than campus sexual assault)


Child victims


Descriptive studies, Quantitative studies, Randomized controlled trial


Descriptive studies, Quantitative studies, Randomized controlled trial