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Terri Messman-Moore





Miami University


O'Toole Family Professor of Psychology




Clinical Psychology


More than 20 years


PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT 2013 - O'Toole Family Endowed Professor, Miami University; 2012 - 2016 Director of Clinical Training, Miami University; 2013 - Interim Deputy Title IX (Sexual Assault) Coordinator, Miami University; 2000 - 2013 Assistant/Associate Professor of Psychology, Miami University; 1999 - 2000 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Center for Trauma Recovery. PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS My research program reflects three intersecting areas: interpersonal violence (child and adolescent sexual victimization, child maltreatment, adult revictimization), trauma, and emotion dysregulation. I am interested in how interpersonal violence early in development affects one's later capacity to self-regulate and cope with stressors, and how maladaptive coping strategies emanating from emotion dysregulation increase vulnerability among survivors. I am particularly interested in how sexual violence and emotion dysregulation intersect and result in trauma such as PTSD, substance use disorders, risky sexual behavior, and complex clinical presentations. Recent studies have examined intimate partner violence revictimization, the potential cumulative impact of revictimization on emotion dysregulation and psychopathology, and the role of shame in complex trauma presentations. Related, my applied research interests involve examining the utility of the principles of mindfulness, as well as meditation and yoga, in the alleviation of traumatic sequelae as well as to improve general mental health. Projects in development include examination of emotion regulation and related constructs such as mindfulness, self-compassion, and executive functioning in relation to compulsive shopping and hoarding behavior among trauma survivors. My clinical work focuses on adult survivors of childhood abuse and trauma, and is grounded in a cognitive-behavioral perspective. I teach graduate courses in ethics, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, trauma-focused psychotherapy, interviewing and diagnosis, and substance abuse; I also teach abnormal psychology at the undergraduate level. EXTERNAL GRANTS 2016 Project Title: Sexual Trauma and PTSD in Bisexual Women: A Test of Minority Stress Theory;Agency: Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality; Award: $1,000 2010, Project Title: Sexual Revictimization: Emotion & Psychosocial Mechanisms; Agency: National Institute of Child Health & Human Development; Role: Co-Investigator, Site PI; Award: $3,135,821 / 2010-2015 2008 Project Title: The Impact of Emotion Dysregulation & Negative Mood on College Women's Alcohol Use & Drinking Motives; Agency: Alcohol Beverage Medical Research Foundation; Award: $96,000 / 2008-2010 Licenses: Licensed Psychologist, Ohio #5873 Teaching Certifications: Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Level 1, KRI-Certified (December, 2016). PUBLICATIONS (N = 63 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters 1996-2018)


Campus Sexual Assault, Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse, Domestic and Family Violence, Sexual Abuse or Violence (other than campus sexual assault)


LGBTQ victims, Male victims generally


Data collection, Descriptive studies, Quantitative studies, Quasi-experimental studies


Data collection, Descriptive studies, Qualitative studies, Quantitative studies, Quasi-experimental studies, Randomized controlled trial