Spotlight / Spring 2020

National Youth Violence Prevention Week / March 30th – April 3rd


Explore characteristics of school-associated youth homicides captured in CDC’s School-Associated Violent Death Surveillance System.


Review factors affecting youth reporting of victimization to police, using NCVS’ School Crime Supplement data.


Understand the relationship between social support and youths’ risk of violent victimization, using National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health data (full-text in CVR’s library).


Compare health-related quality of life statistics for youth violence victims to those with chronic disease.

National Consumer Protection Week / March 1st – 7th


Review summary statistics on fraud and identity theft reported to law enforcement, captured in the Federal Trade Commission’s 2019 data book and interactive dashboards.


Identify risk and protective factors for identity theft victimization, using NCVS’ Identity Theft Supplement data.


Learn what we know about fraud and identity theft victims from CVR’s summary brief, full report, and webinar.


Understand professionals’ perspectives on identity theft victimization and services available to help victims.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month / April


Review a national study on sexual harassment and assault regarding the prevalence, characteristics, and consequences of sexual harassment and assault.


Learn about Uber’s integration of the Sexual Misconduct and Violence Taxonomy into its complaint system to collect, address, and report reliable data on user safety incidents.


Examine findings from the Association of American Universities second major campus climate survey on sexual assault and misconduct.


Explore ways to employ a trauma-informed approach to sexual violence research during participant recruitment, data collection, and dissemination (full-text in CVR’s library).

National Child Abuse Prevention Month / April


Read about risk factors and the economic, physical, mental, and emotional effects of child maltreatment in California—culminating in $19 billion of lifetime costs for victims with verified abuse in 2017.


Learn about the association between child maltreatment and depression from this meta-analysis of nearly 200 studies using the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire.


Check out this report summarizing 2018 data from the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System.


Review this special analysis of the 2018 data from the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System showing a marked increase in sexual abuse for the first time in over 15 years.

National Mental Health Awareness Month / May


Learn about the reciprocal impacts of depression and women’s experiences of sexual violence.


Explore the complex relationship between mental health consequences of victimization and help-seeking behavior by males and females.

National Police Week / May 10th - 16th


Understand differences in police victimization risks between domestic and non-domestic incidents, using National Incident Based Reporting System data.

shutterstock_140921281_officer with computer-sm

Read how information technology can help reduce victimization of police (also see this news summary).


Review 50-year trends in police officer line‐of‐duty deaths, using data from the Officer Down Memorial Page.


Examine how victimization risks for jail officers are affected by work routines and conditions.