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Welcome to CVR Library!


How can CVR Library help me with victim services work?

The Office for Victims of Crime Vision 21 initiative identified the need for an evidence base to support victim services practices. However, linking research to practice presents many challenges. Research is often written for an academic audience and service providers are rarely trained to decode research concepts. Also, buying peer-reviewed articles adds up, and free research reports are scattered across many websites. To address these challenges, Center for Victim Research (CVR) Library offers tools to make research more accessible!

Searchable Collection

CVR Library collection is an easy-to-use search tool for finding research about all types of victimization and victim services. The collection contains both free research-based materials and subscription peer-reviewed articles. CVR Library is regularly updated with materials from CVR Research2Practice network and other authoritative online sources.

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Browse our annotated bibliographies for a selection of articles and reports that include research about human trafficking survivors or culturally relevant programs.

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Search Tips

CVR Library blog, Learn with the Library, includes tip sheets with recommended search terms on specific topics, steps to build your online search skills, and questions to ask about a source’s bias and credibility. When you search CVR Library collection, apply these strategies to find more relevant results.

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Personalized Assistance

In addition to locating research on your own, CVR Library staff can help you craft searches, locate relevant resources, and grow your online search skills. Whether you need statistics to bolster your grant proposal or studies that identify effective practices in your service area, CVR Research Librarian can help you locate existing research.

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We look forward to working with you!

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